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How Can I Help?

What’s Mine Is Yours Foundation was founded on the basis of children giving one or more of their own birthday/holiday gifts from their heart and sharing it with others less fortunate. There are many ways you can help the What’s Mine Is Yours Foundation. Each and every way makes a difference in someone’s life.

Here is how you can share in the Gift of Giving today:

Donate to a hospitalized child. Today we have made wonderful advancements in reaching ill children due to the dedication of Dr. Ramzi Younis. With him as our liaison, we have been able to open doors at local hospitals for your donated gifts. Respectful of hospitals rules and regulations regarding children health risks, we have established drop-off locations where your child can donate a gift. We will be notified by our drop-off location sponsor to pick-up and delivery your gift to one of our participating hospital. The child you unselfishly give to will remember your kindness forever.

Experience the gift of giving to children who are less fortunate. In continuation of our mission to reach children who are less fortunate due to position in life and other circumstance, we are currently establishing relationships with daycares for lower income families, and alike. These relationships will pave the way for your child to personally deliver his/her gift and experience first-hand the joy of giving. Please save our web site on your “Favorites” and check back in the coming month for an update on this exciting advancement of our cause. Through this effort, we further our mission of empowering children to experience the joy that comes from sacrifice, sharing and the impact they can make on others lives.

Make a charitable donation. Yes, we accept monetary donations in the form of a personal check written to: What’s Mine Is Yours Foundation. Your cancelled check will serve as proof of your tax-deductible donation. Your contribution will go towards the purchase of a gift or art supplies for decorating gift bags. Checks should be mailed to:

What’s Mine Is Yours Foundation
620 Palm Blvd.
Weston, FL 33326

Volunteer to help with hospital visits. With today’s busy lifestyles, the greatest gift parents can give children is their time. Volunteers willing to pick-up and deliver gifts to local hospitals are welcomed and appreciated. To volunteer call:

Michelle Terris, President, What’s Mine Is Yours Foundation
(954) 605-9297
Email us at michterris@aol.com.

Spread the word in your community. Mention this foundation at your next PTA meeting for school participation and be the first one to get the gift of giving started in your community. Interested schools should contact the foundation for the latest update on gift recipients. The foundation will provide gift bags and art supplies for the children to decorate and assist in providing information to explain the project to school children and their parents.

What’s Mine Is Yours Gift Delivery Locations

Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics
7400 NW 5th St
Plantation, FL

Imperial Martial Arts
1375 Shotgun Road
Weston, FL

Children’s Medical Association
8430 W. Broward Boulevard
Plantation, FL

Pediatric Ophthalmology Consultants of South Florida
220 SW 84th Avenue
Plantation, FL

If you would like to donate or volunteer to help with hospital visits, call Michelle Terris at (954) 605-9297.

Michelle Terris
620 Palm Blvd.
Weston, FL 33326
(954) 605-9297

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