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About Us and the Foundation

Supporting sick children is a cause that is near and dear to the Terris family. Adam Terris played professional baseball and visited many children’s hospitals to meet young fans. That had a profound effect on him and made him always want to share that feeling of giving with his own children – Paxton and Peyton. This feeling is shared by his wife Michelle, who wished to instill values in their children to think of others before themselves.

It was no surprise when their son Paxton announced he wanted to share one of his birthday presents with a sick child after his 7th birthday party. He had a real understanding of how ill children felt because he had been hospitalized several times when he was younger. In Paxton’s own words, “I thought about sick children in the hospital and thought what if I was one of them. What would I be doing?” He figured a new toy to play with would keep him busy and happy, so he decided to share one of his new birthday gifts. When asked how this unselfish act made him feel, Paxton replied, “I felt proud of myself. It made me feel good to see him (the patient) happy and smiling.”

In fact, Paxton felt such pride and power from what he did that he wanted to give away all of his birthday gifts to sick children. Returning another day, Paxton shared a few more gifts and from this the What’s Mine is Yours Foundation was formed.
The What’s Mine Is Yours Foundation collects donated birthday gifts to give to young patients monthly at local hospitals, with hopes of adding more hospitals in the near future. Paxton is personally committed to delivering these local donations and welcomes any child who is interested to accompany him, and his mother Michelle, on these visits.

Today, this non-profit foundation grows through the support of doctors, schools, vendors, parents - and most of all - children, who wish to experience the unselfishness and pride that comes from giving. We thank our sponsors and board members for opening doors to local hospitals and for welcoming us into their schools and local businesses to promote our cause. But most of all, we thank the ordinary children that are making an extraordinary difference in our community.

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If you would like to donate or volunteer to help with hospital visits, call Michelle Terris at (954) 605-9297.

Michelle Terris
620 Palm Blvd.
Weston, FL 33326
(954) 605-9297

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