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Our Mission

The What's Mine Is Yours Foundation brings joy and hope to those children less fortunate through illness, position in life or other circumstances. Children's minds will be enlightened with the empowerment that comes through giving one of their own gifts - from their hearts - and sharing it with others less fortunate. They will see and realize the impact they can favorably make on children's lives through sharing, and they will learn that the spirit of giving has no boundaries.

The What’s Mine Is Yours Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by children, empowered by children, and growing with the support of ordinary children who are choosing to do extraordinary good in the world.

Many people believe your birthday is “your” day. It’s the day when family and friends shower you with attention and gifts. But one Weston youngster is turning the tables on this tradition and teaching children the importance of sharing and caring for those less fortunate.

Paxton Terris is encouraging children to give away one or more of their gifts to a sick child by establishing the What’s Mine Is Yours Foundation to distribute these donated birthday presents to pediatric patients in area hospitals.

What’s Mine Is Yours Foundation benefits children by:

  • Empowers children by knowing he/she can make a difference in others lives
  • Nurtures a spirit of selflessness in your child that carries into everyday life
  • Demonstrates that fantastic things happen when people work together
  • Inspires children to think of others in the world less fortunate.
  • Enables children to experience the true spirit of giving

Letter from the President of What’s Mine Is Yours Foundation

On behalf of my son Paxton who is 7yrs. old and my daughter Peyton 5yrs. old, I would like to share with you some exciting information about the What's Mine is Yours Foundation and mention some of the extraordinary people that help us to continue to bring awareness to our foundation and touch as many children's lives as we possibly can.

We could not have gotten to where we are today without the support, friendship and expertise of Dr. Ramzi Younis, Chief Pediatric Otolaryngology at Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine, Bascom Palmer, University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital. Paxton is a former patient of Dr. Younis. Dr. Younis performed surgery on Paxton for a very complicated sinus condition. Paxton was one of the youngest candidates to receive this surgery and it was a tremendous success! Paxton's quality of life improved drastically because of Dr. Younis and we are eternally grateful to Dr. Younis for his care and concern over Paxton's health and well-being. Dr. Younis is a humanitarian, philanthropist, cutting edge surgeon and has a way with children and adults like no one I have ever known.

It is an honor and privilege to work with him and he has become a key player and liaison between our foundation and children's hospitals. Dr. Younis is responsible for paving the way for our upcoming event on Tues. Oct. 10th at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, where Paxton and Peyton will deliver donated birthday gifts to children in the hospital. NBC 6 will be covering the event which will air on NBC 6 Fri. Oct. 20th on Tony Segreto's Spirit of South Florida segment at 6 and 11pm. Dr. Younis has accepted our invitation to become a board member of our foundation and he will work hand in hand with us to further our goals and launch our foundation nationally, perhaps, globally- with Dr. Younis on our team, there is no limit to our success.

Thank you Dr. Younis!

Michelle - the proud Mom of Paxton and Peyton

If you would like to donate or volunteer to help with hospital visits, call Michelle Terris at (954) 605-9297.

Michelle Terris
620 Palm Blvd.
Weston, FL 33326
(954) 605-9297

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